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Marketing/Promotions Intern Cover Letter
Ms. Rosalyn Leiva
East Regional Recruiter
Dear Ms. Leiva:
I’m writing to apply for the Marketing/Promotions Intern position at Ticketmaster,
which I learned about through the Becker Career Center at Union College. After reviewing the
position description and researching Ticket master, I believe that my skills and experience make
me an excellent candidate.
As a sophomore at Union College, I have undertaken a number of courses and extra curricular
engagements that prepared me for this internship. The study of economics has helped develop my
research, analytical and creative thinking skills, as it has allowed me to contemplate the
relationships between human behavior and a variety of environmental and cultural factors. As part
of my sophomore research project, I am currently researching how companies effectively utilize
branding strategies and catchy logos to increase their client base and better capture their target
markets. I believe this on going Analysis of corporate markets and the knowledge I am gaining
regarding effective marketing strategies will directly benefit the Marketing/Promotions
I’ve complemented my academic background with strong extra curricular involvement. As
Publicity and Promotions Co-Chair for U-Program, I oversaw and implemented a marketing plan
for campus concerts, comedic performances and novelty acts. This required strong teamwork,
organizational and interpersonal abilities as I interfaced with campus administrators, student
organizations and other U-Program members in executing the marketing plan.
I believe I would be a strong asset to the Marketing/Promotions team at Ticketmaster and would
greatly appreciate the opportunity to further discuss my qualifications with you. I can be reached
at 518-333-6565 or Thank you for your consideration and I look forward
to your reply.
Wesley Mantooth
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