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Sample Job Application Letter
George E. Student
300 Summit Street
Georgetown, KY 40324
August 17, 2009
Ms. Arianna Smith, Director of Recruiting
Eastern Arbor
542 Main Street
Lexington, KY 40503
Dear Ms. Smith:
Holly James suggested I contact you concerning the Marketing position available at Eastern Arbor. I am
inspired to pursue my marketing interests at Eastern Arbor due to its reputation as a prestigious, innovative
and growing company in liability policies.
My diverse and intense academic, professional, and leadership experiences make me a valuable asset to Eastern
PG Arbor. Currently, as a professional Student Admissions Associate, I assist in promoting Georgetown
College to prospective students and parents. My responsibilities include interviewing and evaluating students
as well as leading group information sessions. Working with people every day in a business setting gives me
the opportunity to develop strong interpersonal and communication skills.
Furthermore, my leadership experience, particularly with the President’s Ambassadors Program, is another
example of my strong sense of responsibility and motivation. As a member concerned with advancement of
community-educational partnerships, I have brought new ideas onto the agenda, such as bringing student
leaders together to discuss how to create meaningful business partnerships at Georgetown College. As a
result of this idea, the council along with other student leaders has begun planning a leadership forum for
next semester. In all of my business experiences, my motivation and energy has ignited me to work hard and
accomplish goals.
My resume and transcript are enclosed for your evaluation. I will contact you on the week of August 30
to schedule a time to further discuss my qualifications for the Marketing position. Thank you for your time
and consideration.
George E. Student
George E. Student
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