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January 18, 2008
5745 S. Brim Street, Apt. 12
Chicago, IL 60637
Ms. Rose Rubinstein
AIDS Terra Campaign USA
12 Farley Way, NW
Suite 1700
Washington, DC 20011
With a demonstrated commitment to eradicating AIDS, I am applying to the position of Marketing
and Policy Analyst for the AIDS Terra Campaign, which I read about on your Web site. I am a
graduating student at the University of Chicago majoring in public policy and have experience in
research, Web design, marketing, public relations, fundraising and writing. Equally important, I
have been active on campus and in the community in raising awareness about AIDS/HIV.
My resume attests to my qualifications. As Director of Communications of the Student Global
AIDS Campaign, I co-organized a conference entitled, “The Feminine Epidemic.” I identified and
secured speakers and publicized this successful event, which received coverage in local media.
Further, I have coordinated letter writing campaigns and petitions for HIV/AIDS treatment access.
For example, in little time, with a limited budget, I was able to mobilize over 125 students to write
letters. As a peer health counselor, I have educated students about HIV and AIDS. By doing so, I
learned techniques to get their attention and stop risky behavior.
My classes complement my hands-on experience. As a public policy major, I have taken courses
that include micro- and macro-economics and From Natural Law to Human Rights, which have
provided me with a framework from which to analyze policy and understand opposing points of
view. I have a multicultural background and have translated materials in Spanish. Finally, I am a
member of the student circus and my juggling skills have enlightened many meetings and
I would welcome the opportunity to meet with you to discuss the position.
David Aardvark
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