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1214 Fulton Street
San Francisco, CA 94118
(209) 563-9684
July 1, 2013
Margaret Ferrin
McMaster-Carr Supply Co.
9630 Norwalk Boulevard
San Francisco, CA 90670
Dear Ms. Ferrin:
I am responding to your posting in Tiger Jobs for a Marketing Researcher. I am currently a senior
at the University of the Pacific, graduating in May with Bachelor’s degree in English. What I offer
to McMaster-Carr is curiosity, a passion for learning, and practical research and writing skills that
would enable me to be an effective and dynamic member of your catalog production team. I
welcome the creative challenge of promoting your company’s commitment to customer service
and to providing a comprehensive array of mechanical supplies in an efficient manner.
My experience relevant to market research and catalog creation includes taking difficult
inconsistent and often technical information and turning it into clear, benefit-oriented copy that is
useful to both the casual user and a more professional audience. During my years at the University
of the Pacific, I honed my ability to conduct thorough research upon which to base concise and
accurate written summaries.
Along with my academic writing pursuit, I have gained firsthand training and experience in a
business environment through my internship with the Larsen Literary Agency. In this capacity, I
corresponded with major clients in the publishing industry, maintained the agency’s contract files,
read and edited manuscripts from writers, and established a reputable contact list of such
publishers as Random House, W.W. Norton, Chronicle Books LLC, and Farrar, Strauss & Giroux.
In my three months with the agency, I received feedback that my professionalism and excellent
follow-through skills contributed significant value and energy to the team.
The Marketing Researcher position with McMaster-Carr is a challenge I am prepared and
enthusiastic to meet. I would like to further discuss my qualifications and will follow up with you
next week. I look forward to learning more about his unique employment opportunity.
Rick Snyder
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