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Julie Grant
212 Bartlet Road Winnipeg, Manitoba R4K 9Z8 (204) 248-2384
January 26, 20__
ABC Transport Company
c/o The Career Development Centre
Room 254 Drake Centre
Re: Manager in Training (M.I.S. major)
Dear Members of the Selection Committee:
I attended the ABC Transport Company’s Information Session at the Asper School of Business and was
impressed with the continued success and growth of your organization. Winnipeg is uniquely positioned at
the heart of the continent to be a leader in the logistics field, and ABC Transport’s commitment to
expanding its market share make the position of Manager in Training of immediate interest to me.
I will be completing my Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) degree with a major in Management
Information Systems in the spring and the opportunity to be a productive member of your Management
team is of great interest to me. My management courses have involved class participation, group work,
and presentations. In particular, my coursework in supply chain management and logistics, as well as MIS,
has exposed me to the current best practices used by leading transportation companies today.
My leadership role in the University of Manitoba Supply Chain Organization (UMSCO) plus over 4 years of
customer service experience has given me the interpersonal, verbal and written communication skills
necessary to function successfully in a competitive business environment. I possess sound analytical skills
with the demonstrated ability to problem solve to achieve positive outcomes. As proof of my strong
organizational skills and ability to meet goals, I have been able to juggle school with a part time job and
an on-going volunteer position while maintaining an above average grade point average.
I believe my education and work experience, coupled with my enthusiasm and eagerness to learn, make
me an excellent candidate for the Manager in Training position. I look forward to meeting you in person
to discuss ABC Transport Company’s strategic vision and how I can be of value to your team. Thank you
for your consideration.
Julie Grant
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