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John Ka
E-2 Apartment Heights Dr.
Blacksburg, VA 34567
(540) 222-3456
Sep 14th, 2011
Mr. David Pu, Director
ABC Recruiting Corp
123 Washington Street
Anytown, TT 12345
Dear Mr. Pu,
I am writing this reference letter to recommend Ms. Cathy Douglas for the position she is applying
in your company. I have been her supervisor for the last four years and from what I can tell, she is
totally perfect for this job.
Cathy is a very responsible and dedicated person at work. She can handle multi task at the same
time and never lets down our expectation. She is willing to take over new responsibilities at work
without hesitation and consistently gives many creative ideas at work. During the time she was
working for us, our performance was greatly enhanced with an increase in annual sales of 50%.
The projects she was assigned to were great successes.
She was a very valuable marketing resource for our company. it was such a very pleasant and
interesting time working with her. I believe she possesses just the skills and qualifications that an
exceptional marketer should have as well as of a leader.
I highly recommend Ms. Cathy for your company and, without doubt, believe that she will be such
a great contribution to yours.
John Ka
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