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Lot Attendant Cover Letter Sample
9271 RR 4
Fairmont, WV 99999
December 21, 2012
Mr. Alan Smith
Car Mart
8 Henrietta Street
Fairmont, WV 66663
Dear Mr. Smith:
I heard through Mr. Ashton Martin who works as a cashier with Car Mart that there is a vacant
position for a Lot Attendant in your company. With excellent physical form along and extensive
knowledge of working in a lot, I am convinced that I will make a good addition to your
As specified in the enclosed resume, I have extensive comprehension of most car models is as I
have a keen interest in them. Working at this position will allow me to work in an environment
that I love and can relate to. Since I have worked in this capacity earlier on as well, I am
comfortable with most of Lot Attendant’s tasks including managing appropriate stalls, performing
cleaning activities and inspecting cars to see if any damages have been done en-route to the
facility. Additionally, I am highly skilled in performing maintenance checks and procedures on
cars that are in storage for a long time.
As an enthusiastic Lot Attendant, I offer the enclosed resume as the first step in the job application
process. I will call you in a week to ask for a convenient meeting time and will be available at
(208) 888-8822.
Thank you for your time and consideration.
Kevin Cage
Enc. Resume
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