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2112 New Hampshire Ave., NW, Apt. 1014
Washington, D.C. 20009
April 27, 2____
Ms. Rita Tyre
Assistant Director of Government Relations
American Civil Liberties Union
3333 Massachusetts Ave., NW
Washington, D.C. 20036
Dear Ms. Tyre:
I am writing to enthusiastically submit my application for the Legislative Affairs Manager position at the
American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). I would welcome the opportunity to join the efforts of the ACLU in
protecting the civil liberties, civil rights and sexual freedom of all Americans. It is particularly important,
under the current administration, for the civil liberties/civil rights community to mount an aggressive and
effective strategy involving public education, lobbying, protective legislation, and grassroots advocacy. I would
be honored to help the ACLU in this effort. I believe that my resume not only demonstrates my passion for and
commitment to social justice and equal rights, but also shows that I would be a highly effective Legislative
Affairs Manager for the ACLU.
I am currently employed as the 2--- Law Fellow at Trial Lawyers for Public Justice (TLPJ). As a fellow
at the TLPJ, I use my legal and non-legal research skills, analyze complex legal issues under pressure, and
effectively serve as a public policy advocate. I also participate in strategic planning meetings. Two evenings
per week, I am providing pro bono legal services at the Johnson Legal Clinic where I assist persons living
with HIV and AIDS. I have additional relevant experience that I gained through four, three-month, full-time
internships I completed during law school. These internships were with a legal services organization, a
federal judge and two non-profit advocacy organizations.
I am particularly excited about this opportunity with the ACLU because of the nature of the work as well
as the work environment. I am aware of your office’s commitment to diversity. On a personal note, I have
benefited tremendously, both professionally and personally, from my employment with organizations that have
a diverse staff and client constituency. I believe wholeheartedly that the most effective results stem from a staff
whose diverse makeup mirrors that of the population it is designed to serve. I thrive from close collaboration
with others who share my passion for social justice and equality, and welcome the opportunity to join one of
the most diverse workforces in the progressive community.
If selected for this position, I would be honored to be part of the ACLU’s efforts to protect civil
rights/liberties. Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to hearing from you.
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