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Alex Alexander
5 Park Drive, Apt. 3 • Boston, MA 02115 • 617-555-1212
August 15, 200_
Mr. Michael Scott
Hiring Partner
Dollar, Franc & Mark
123 Summit Street
Miami, Florida 33130
Dear Mr. Scott:
I am currently a second year student at Northeastern University School of Law in Boston. I
am writing to apply for a summer associate position with Dollar, Franc & Mark to begin in the
summer of 200_. I am a graduate of the University of Florida, and plan to return to Florida to
practice law after graduation. I am interested in doing litigation work upon graduation and I am
particularly interested in Dollar, Franc & Mark because of the firm’s strong litigation department.
As part of Northeastern's Cooperative Legal Education program, I am already gaining
substantial legal research and writing experience, as well as exposure to the litigation process. I
recently completed a judicial internship with Judge Motion of the Massachusetts Superior Court
where I performed the traditional responsibilities of a law clerk. I wrote drafts of several judicial
opinions and had extensive opportunities to observe trials and discuss litigation tactics and
evidentiary issues with Judge Motion. This fall I will be taking Evidence and Civil Trial Practice.
In the winter I hope to complete my second internship in the litigation department of a law firm.
The strength of my research and writing skills is further evidenced by the performance
evaluations that I have received from both my professors and legal internship supervisors. I have
enclosed a copy of my law school transcript, which is comprised of my course and internship
evaluations. I am also enclosing a brief summary of Northeastern’s Cooperative Legal Education
program and evaluation system.
I am confident that my strong academic record and my practical legal experience have
provided me with the research, writing and analytical skills to be an effective summer associate at
Dollar, Franc & Mark. I hope that my credentials and experience are of interest to you. Thank you
for your consideration.
Alex Alexander
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