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123 Highland Ave, Apartment 1
Somerville, MA 02143
January 22, 2011
[Contact Name Here]
Senior Attorney
Women’s Legal Centre
7th Floor Constitution House, 124 Adderley Street
Cape Town, South Africa 8000
Dear Ms. Name:
I am a first-year student at Harvard Law School and am writing to apply for a summer internship at the
Women’s Legal Centre. The WLC immediately caught my eye on Harvard Law School’s public service
database due to my interest in and experience working with women’s rights internationally. This summer,
I am eager to build upon my understanding of women’s legal rights, and I believe that an internship with
the WLC would provide an ideal setting for me do so through a combination of impact litigation and legal
advocacy work.
My interest in international women’s rights began as an undergraduate, when I studied abroad in both
Morocco and Egypt. During this time, I was acutely aware of my position as an American woman,
and this awareness sparked my interest in the status of women internationally. I explored this interest
as an intern at Harvard’s Women and Public Policy Program, where I honed my research and writing
skills through work with program fellows from Iran and Pakistan, and I further developed these skills
by writing an honors thesis that explored Morocco’s family law.
My thesis work drew my attention to the disparity that exists between law and access to justice; despite
Morocco’s recently reformed family law, the status of women remains largely unchanged due to failures
in education and implementation. I returned to Morocco as a Fulbright researcher to study this issue,
focusing specifically on unwed mothers. During this time, I interned at Oum El Banine, a NGO that
provides direct legal services for this group. Taking part in the organization’s work to educate women
about their legal rights emphasized to me that law is a powerful and necessary tool for social justice and
human rights. With this in mind, I decided to attend law school in order to further women’s rights through
the law.
I am drawn to the diversity and scope of the WLC’s work and am particularly interested in the WLC’s
work with Muslim personal law and domestic violence. I encountered these issues frequently during my
Fulbright research, and I am confident that my experience with these issues coupled with my substantial
research and writing skills would make me an asset to the WLC. I am fully funded this summer, and will
be available for ten weeks from June 1 to September 1. If you have any further questions or would like to
schedule an interview, I can be reached at or at (617) 495-3108. Thank
you for your time and consideration.
Julia Ference
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