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Dear Arcstone Communities
From your company website I learned about your need for a Customer Service/Leasing Agent. I
am very interested in this position with your company.
A team oriented professional with a positive work ethic and a deep commitment to providing
excellent results in all areas of customer service, productivity and quality assurance.
Quality customer service has been a basic function of my everyday life. Virtually all my
employment history has required me to exercise clear, concise communication skills and to
promote customer satisfaction. My background in customer relations, customer service,
administration and management, coupled with my diverse training and employment back-ground,
would enable me to exceed your company and your customers expectations. With these skills, I
am confident I am a perfect match for a position within your company. I am most eager to
implement my experience and contribute to your growing organization. I am convinced it would
be worthwhile for us to meet.
Thank you for your consideration,
Long Bech, CA
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