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Anthony H. Jones
73 Allenwood Boulevard
Santa Rosa, California 95401-1074
May 24, 2004
Ms. Jocelyn Nogasaki
Human Resources Manager
Megalith Publishing Company
1001 Heathcliff Row San Francisco, CA 94123-7707
Dear Ms. Nogasaki:
I am applying for the layout editor position advertised on your Web site I accessed on 14 May
Early next month, I will receive an A.S. degree in commercial graphics illustration from Santa
Rosa Junior College. With a special interest in the publishing industry I have successfully
completed more than forty credit hours in courses directly related to layout design, where I
acquired experience using QuarkXPress as well as Illustrator and Photoshop. You might like to
know that many of the design patterns of Megalith publications were used as models in my
graphic communications and digital photography classes.
My studies have also led to practical experience at McAdam Publishers as part of my Santa Rosa
apprenticeship program. While working at McAdam, I was responsible for assisting the design
department in page composition and importing images. Other related experience I have had
includes creating a Web site for and proofreading the student magazine, Thunder. As you will note
on the enclosed resume, I have also had experience in displaying merchandise at Buchman's
Department Store.
I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss with you my qualifications in commercial graphics.
After June 12,I will be available for an interview at any time that is convenient for you.
Sincerely yours,
Anthony H. Jones
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