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5876 Polo Parc Drive ~ St. Louis, Missouri 63137 ~ (314) 871-9996 ~
February 10, 2009
Gerald L. Frostmore, Esq.
Hiring Partner
Frostmore, Clicky and Southland, L.L.C.
100 Tenth Street, Suite 1500
St. Louis, Missouri 65210
Dear Mr. Frostmore:
I am a first year law student at Saint Louis University School of Law and am writing to express my
interest in a law clerk position with Frostmore, Clicky and Southland, L.L.C. for the summer of 2009.
As a registered nurse with significant experience in multiple hospital settings, I primarily am
interested in your firm’s medical malpractice and health care practice groups. Having resided in St.
Louis for many years, I wish to remain in this area and plan to sit for the Missouri Bar Examination
upon my graduation from law school. Given that my background entails both nursing, and more
recently law, I believe that I am an ideal candidate for your firm’s summer clerkship program.
I obtained my R.N. from Jewish Hospital School of Nursing and my B.S. in Nursing from Southern
Illinois University of Edwardsville, and have been a practicing nurse for approximately 14 years. My
nursing career has spanned a variety of different specialties, including open heart surgery,
emergency room, oncology, neurology and pediatrics. Because of the diversity of my nursing
practice, I am well versed in medical terminology, medical charting, risk management and medical
procedures, all of which can give rise to litigation claims. I also recently testified, as a defense
expert witness in a state nursing medical malpractice jury trial.
As a result of my work experience and my current legal studies, I am conversant in both medicine and
law. I, therefore, can effectively address and research issues arising out of both of these areas. In
addition, I currently am pursuing a Certificate in Health Law from the law school’s number one
ranked Center for Health Law Studies.
I would welcome the opportunity to interview with you, or other representatives of your firm, when
you visit Saint Louis University School of Law on August 18, 2009. Thank you for your time.
Elizabeth O’Rourke
Elizabeth O’Rourke
Attachment: resume
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