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2468 College Avenue
Palo Alto, CA 94306
January 10, 20XX
Mr.John Boulton(or if name is not known, “Recruiting Staff”)
Director, Technical Administration
Hillview Laboratories
22244 Stevens Creek Blvd.
San Jose, CA 94000
Dear Mr. Boulton:
I appreciate the opportunity to meet with you this coming Thursday to discuss employment
opportunities at Hillview laboratories and to expand on my qualifications for the (title of position).
I reviewed your website and literature at the Career Development Center (or Business School
Library) and also spoke with Janet Morris, who works at Hillview. Her comments have given me a
clearer idea of your R & D efforts and the work with which I might be involved. In particular, I am
impressed by your state-of-the-art laboratories and how Hillview has effectively integrated a
participatory management style in its total operation.
As my resume reflects, I have previous research experience in the area of... where I... (explain
what you did). You will note my graduate work also directly relates to the type of work currently
being done at Hillview (Or highlight previous summer experience, coursework, thesis topic, or
special skills that may be relevant to this employer. DO highlight or expand on a relevant entry
from your resume, but DO NOT simply repeat what is already on your resume.).
Thank you for your interest in my application and your willingness to come to Stanford University
for interviews. I look forward to meeting you and discussing how my background and experience
can contribute to your work.
Jason E. Jefferson
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