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Kitchen Assistant Cover Letter Example
Dear [Insert Name]
Kitchen Assistant position in Manchester Hotel
I note your advert for the position of Kitchen Assistant and write, enclosing my CV which lists my
relevant professional background, to apply for this vacancy.
My catering knowledge, experience and ability are a valuable asset to a restaurant such as yours
and I am excited about the prossibility of this role.
I am currently employed by Aldrith Hotel where my responsibilities include:
Assisting the chef in food preparation.
Ensuring the kitchen area is always clean and tidy.
Adhering to Health & Safety regulations.
Tutoring other Kitchen Assistants.
I trust that once you have reviewed my enclosed CV you will consider me a suitable candidate for
the vacancy and I very much look forward to hearing from you to discuss the position and
company requirements further.
Yours sincerely,
Dear [Insert Name]
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