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Kitchen manager cover letter
Dear Mr Jackson:
With reference to your listing for a Kitchen Manager, I would like to submit my resume for your
I have a lot of experience when it comes to the role of Kitchen Supervisor and Manager, and have
the past six years to prove it. In this time, I have worked as Kitchen Manager for Texas Roadhouse
with wide variety of responsibilities to including supervision of all menus planning, bar service,
ordering and invoicing, human resource issues, and customer service.
I am an excellent supervisor and team leader, and have made sure only the best execution of
kitchen coordination was in place for the optimum restaurant experience for guests. Prior to this, I
worked as Bartender, Wait staff, and Prep Cook; and so I am very knowledgeable about what it
takes for each role from the ground up to meet success for the overall restaurant.
I look forward to hearing from you at (123)-361-9478, and thank you warmly for your time and
Yours sincerely,
Mark Dixon
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