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265 Anywhere Street
Cambridge, MA 00000
Ms. Susan Smith, Human Resource Director
Great Ads
6262 Anywhere Street
Somewhere, MA 07665
June 2, 2010
Dear Ms. Smith:
It is with much enthusiasm that I read in the May 25
Boston Globe that Great Ads is expanding
its business into the local restaurant industry. I feel confident that my experience in writing and
restaurant service are a unique match for the junior copywriter position, #64537, as advertised on
BU CareerLink.
As an English major at Boston University and editor for the student newspaper, I developed my
creativity and writing skills in deadline-oriented environments and achieved strong working
knowledge of AP style. Volunteering with the Heads-Up literacy program helped me learn to make
words exciting.
Perhaps most important, as a server at several area restaurants I gained a valuable familiarity with
the environments, patrons, and menus of the very businesses you seek to assist.
I would appreciate the opportunity not only to write fresh ads for these restaurants, but perhaps to
generate new business using my network of contacts at these locations. I would appreciate an
opportunity to meet with you to discuss the position. I will call you the week of June 11
to follow
In the meantime, I can be reached at 555-333-1234.
Wayne Writer
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