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Kyle Layton
84 Elm Street, Northampton, MA 01063 (000) 000-0000 kyle.layton@gmail.com
February 15, 2016
Ms. Megan Smolinski, Human Resources Coordinator
1133 Broadway, Suite 1610
New York, NY 10010
Dear Ms. Smolinksi:
I am writing to apply for the Junior Analyst and Researcher position at CS SPACE posted in Smith
College’s career center database. The firm’s mission of strategizing with clients to be more
relevant in people’s lives attracts me because much of my work and academic experience has
centered on researching and understanding society, popular culture, and consumer decision-
Through conducting research for a new sociology department course on consumption in society, I
learned about the factors at play when a consumer makes a decision. One consumer may respond
to experiencing a TV or online ad, while those who skip over ads are more likely to be reached by
embedded marketing. The fact that CS SPACE’s client roster includes organizations as prominent
and wide-ranging as ESPN, Citi, Skype, and Campbell’s speaks to your team’s ability to deliver
the insights clients need to develop their branding strategies for greatest appeal to consumers.
An avid consumer and student of pop culture, I particularly enjoy trend spotting in music and
sports, two of my key pastimes. For a seminar paper I wrote for a course called “The Sociology of
Rock and Pop Music,” I conducted qualitative research on Yé-Yé French pop music which I
presented at a January 2016 conference at Vassar College. With my study abroad experience in
France and knowledge of other cultures, I believe I could contribute inter-cultural insights of value
to your team in working with your global clientele.
My understanding of consumer behavior goes beyond academic research to include front-line
sales positions in a busy resort area retail establishment and cold-calling alums for Smith’s Office
of Advancement. As a phonathon caller my ability to develop rapport with alumnae, listen to their
concerns, and track down information they requested added to my success rate in obtaining
pledges from those who had stopped giving to Smith. I would bring to CS SPACE the same client
focus along with a strong ability to research, analyze, and synthesize data; keen organizational
skills; and a work style that is both collaborative and independent.
I look forward to sharing a writing sample with you and learning more about your needs for the
Junior Analyst and Researcher position. I would be very excited to join the CS SPACE team, and I
hope to hear from you soon.
Kyle Layton
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