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Sample Cover letter for Job Recruiter
Janice Alcorn
1779 Shingleton Road
Phone: 269-376-8213
Michael Hadsell
The Bear Stearns Companies Inc.
3009 Joanne Lane
Date: 04-11-2010
Dear Ms.Hadsell,
I read about the job opening from , and I am very excited to apply for the position of
Job Recruiter . I have the privilege to work in this field for last few years. I would bring in my
valuable work experience and job skills by joining your company at this Job Recruiter .
My work experience includes:
Develop recruiting strategies designed to identify qualified candidates through various
recruiting tools.
Evaluate candidates’ strengths compared with clients’ requirements by, for example,
evaluating, screening, and interviewing the candidate.
Negotiate pay rates and other terms and conditions of engagement with candidates, and
gain commitment from candidates for current and future job requirements.
Complete necessary pre-engagement processes including reference checks.
Work with Business Development Managers to identify top accounts, target skill sets, key
market segments, and to assess clients’ staffing requirements.
Communicate effectively with others in order to create a productive and diverse
I am looking forward to join your company where I can make major contributions leading to
growth to company and personal growth. Please inform me about the possibility of arranging the
interview for me. I will call you in next few days to confirm the interview details.
Yours Sincerely
(Janice Alcorn)
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