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IT Director Cover Letter
I was pleased to see your advertisement for an IT Director. I am currently a senior IT manager
with over 10 years' experience in managing corporate IT delivery. I am confident that my
knowledge, skills and experience places me in a strong position to undertake this role.
My recent experience includes the management of the delivery of the corporate IT renewal
program to refresh the current IT requirements and better meet the needs of the business. That
included managing multiple teams within an IT division, working on multiple processes and
managing the allocation of resources to maintain and improve the IT systems across the
I have also analyzed and participated in the tender evaluations for corporate technology
purchases and advised and recommended on the most suitable delivery strategy to meet the
business needs.
I have developed and managed the corporate IT risk register on my team. I have arranged for
training events for new IT systems introduced to the business. I have sponsored and managed
a number of change events and IT projects.
My education includes a bachelor's degree in information systems management, masters in
information technology and I am a certified project management professional.
Thank you for considering my application. I look forward to discussing this opportunity at
Bob Candidate
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