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IT Director Cover Letter - 2 Samples and Templates
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Dear [Salutation],
I am writing you in response to your advertisement in Orlando-Times Union for an IT Director. As
an experienced IT Director, I feel that my experiences, education, and technical knowledge will
fulfill the job requirements for your organization.
As an IT Director at XXXX Associates, I have used managerial and technical knowledge to
increase efficiency in workstation usage. My current employer utilizes my presentation skills to
educate staff members in on-site training sessions I facilitate bi-weekly. These presentations
encourage staff to learn how to successfully use technology within the organization. I have also
created online learning supplements to maintain the knowledge base of the organization without
imposing on work hours.
Your advertisement stated the ideal candidate possessing creative thinking and management skills
to run the IT staff effectively. My experiences as a successful IT Director match the competencies
mentioned in the job description of an ideal candidate. For further evidence of my qualifications, I
have enclosed my resume and two reference letters verifying my capabilities.
Your company deserves a candidate ready to engage IT issues with proven technical skills. For
more information, please contact me at 000-000-0000 or 000-000-0000.
Your name (signed)
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