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Sample Cover Letter
July 06, 2009
850 W. Cartoon Ave.
Hollywood, CA 95210
Ms. Karen McCoughlin
Vice-President Marketing
GenCorp Inc.
20154 South Hardaway Drive
Riverside, California 94185
Dear Ms. McCoughlin,
I recently worked on a committee with Ben Bradley, your assistant plant manager. Mr. Bradley advised
me of the new direction your company has taken involving internal project management. Please
accept my application for the program manager position with your company. I have followed your
company’s accomplishments and growth and would like to become involved with GenCorp.
I have eight years experience in direct project management, and Mr. Bradley can vouch for my ability to
work in group scenarios. I recently graduated from DeVry University with a Bachelor of Science in
Business Administration, where in my senior year I had the opportunity to work with a team that helped
develop the market strategy for a major university. I am currently pursuing a graduate degree from the
University of California, Los Angeles with an emphasis in accounting.
I am confident that I can contribute to the future success of your company. I have enclosed my
resume. I appreciate your consideration and will call you next week to discuss your employment
Paul T. Smith
Enclosures: Resume
Cc: Ben Bradley, GenCorp
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