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Dear Mr Jackson,
With reference to your adversement in New York Times, I present my resume for the post of the
Underwriter for your insurance company.
Sir, I have been working as an Underwriter for the past seven years, and two years before that as
an Underwring Assistant. I am more than familiar with how to determine risk cases, evaluaon
of factors, and processing of claims; as I have many years doing this 'rsthand. I also know much
about the levels of insurance premiums, and how to determine which is best for each client and
situaon. This said, I would be your best choice for a candidate. Whats more, I am excellent with
people and ensure all o*ce paperwork is done in a mely manner. With this experience and skill,
I am quite con'dent that this the right posion for me.
Please get in touch to schedule an interview at the following number: (333)-871-2015. Thanks so
much for your me.
Yours sincerely,
Mark Dixon
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