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Dishwasher cover letter
Dear Mr Jackson:
With reference to your ad in the classified of The New York Times dated June 8, 2011. I would
like to apply for the post of dishwasher in your resort.
I have extensive experience in this field and capable of handling this post efficiently and
effectively. I am a literate and am able to read and write. I have worked in many households and
restaurants as a dishwasher. My responsibilities include cleaning the dishes, maintaining hygiene
and without any breakage, wiping them and arranging them. Arranging tables and organizing
tables on occasions and dinner parties.
I am a good planner, systematic and dedicated to work. I consider no work as small or
inconsiderate hence fulfill all the duties with true devotion. I have excellent time management
skills. I can manage the entire dishwashing process of 500 people single handedly without any
problem. In my 18 years of experience as a dishwasher in ABC Hotels I have never broken any
cutlery. I have fulfilled all my duties that include assisting staff in arranging tables, decorations,
cleaning the floor sometimes apart from dishwashing. I have worked for continuous long hours
when needed.
I hope that the information and the documents given above are worthwhile. I assure you that if
appointed I will not disappoint you.
Cover letter sample
Yours sincerely,
Mark Dixon
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