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1 Huntington Ave, Boston, MA
02115 617
Dear Hiring Committee:
I am writing to apply for the HR Associate position you have listed on your website. With a
Master of Science in Corporate and Organizational Communication, with a concentration in
Human Resources Management, I have a strong background in Human Resources practices.
Cape Cod Healthcare’s reputation for excellent employee management skills resonates with me
and my career aspirations. I believe that my experiences, skills, and inter-ests will be a great )t
at this organization.
During my Master’s program at Northeastern University, I took courses on resource
management and employee services that rapidly advanced my human resources skills. During my
capstone course, I designed an employee resource allocation plan for a start up healthcare
company. Through my research, I developed my knowledge of the healthcare industry and
employed creative solutions, like using Customer Management Software to track employee
development and satisfaction. I had the chance to present this employee resources allocation
plan dur-ing a research symposium and it was well received by the companies in attendance.
This presentation also af-forded me an opportunity to enhance my communication skills.
Before beginning my Master’s degree at Northeastern I had the opportunity to work full time for
two years in my home country. Through my position at Amazon, I was able to develop employee
programming that increased knowledge about bene)t, healthcare, and retirement planning. I
promoted these events with social media and company emails, and they were well attended. This
employee oriented programming knowledge will allow me to improve upon existing programs
and practices at Cape Cod Healthcare.
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