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85 Park Street
Cambridge, MA 02111
October 31, 2---
Bob Smith
Northeastern Legal Services
400 Huntington Avenue
Boston, MA 02115
Dear Mr. Smith:
I am writing to enthusiastically apply for the Housing Unit Managing Attorney position at
Northeastern Legal Services. I have been a legal services staff attorney for five years and in that capacity, I
have had extensive civil litigation and mediation experience, conducted community outreach and
education, and supervised many law students. I have taken the initiative to be innovative in my
approach to my work, which has included incorporating mediation to provide high quality resolutions
to landlord/tenant conflicts and building a homeless prevention project with the City of Hope.
Throughout my tenure at Brockton Legal Services, a large part of my practice has involved using
mediation to stabilize tenants. Utilizing free mediation services, I worked with landlord attorneys to
resolve conflicts without further litigation. At the same time, I supported tenants in the mediation
process, ensuring that the tenant remained in control and was fully aware of his or her options
including pursuing litigation. Using mediation in this way has resulted in settlements that are marked
by tenant stabilization, empowerment, and high levels of satisfaction by both parties.
I have also achieved a great deal of success in stabilizing tenants by working collaboratively with
direct service workers at the City Multi-Service Center. This partnership grew out of a desire by the City
to provide legal resources to tenants facing eviction as a result of the end of rent control. This project,
which was scheduled to last one year, is now in its seventh year. It is marked by a high rate of tenant
stabilization and the development of the direct service workers’ capacity to advocate for clients
at administrative hearings and more informal advocacy.
I believe that the skills and experience that I have gained at Brockton Legal Services have prepared
me well to supervise the attorneys in the Housing Unit. I am eager to utilize my legal skills in a
more managerial role and look forward to discussing the details of this position with you further. I can
be reached at 617-373-5555 or through e-mail at applicant@msn.com.
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