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John Vu
3601 Pacific Avenue • Stockton, CA 95211
(408) 416-7208 •
January 23, 2013
Carly Rowland
Health and Fitness Program Coordinator
Baun Fitness Center
3601 Pacific Avenue
Stockton, CA 95211
Dear Ms. Rowland:
I am majoring in Athletic Training and I am very interested in the Tiger Trainer position at the
Baun Fitness Center. When I heard about this opportunity through Jeremy Chan, I immediately
became intrigued and drawn to the possibility of becoming a personal trainer.
I have a desire to work as a Tiger Trainer because I am a very active person and believe in
maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Every day, I exercise or work out to stay physically fit, relieve
stress, and build a positive body image. In addition, I enjoy researching and exploring new
exercises and techniques to further my knowledge of physical fitness. Using my passion for
exercise and strength training, I would love to have the opportunity to help others achieve their
fitness goals.
I am qualified for this job because I have had previous experience with strength and conditioning.
During my four years of high school basketball, I learned and performed many basketball-specific
workouts inside and outside of the weight room. Furthermore, I discovered the importance of
reinforcement and motivation. Constant encouragement and support from my teammates and
coaches inspired me to push through tough workouts and strive for improvement. I hope to bring
this knowledge of constructive guidance into personal training to not only assist, but challenge
others in making consistent gains.
Additionally, I have had prior experience teaching others. Last spring, I tutored young children in
the tutoring club at Abode Services, a homeless shelter in Fremont, CA. From working with
students, I not only strengthened my communication and teaching skills, but I also developed my
patience. These skills were vital in forming trusting relationships with the students to engage them
to learn. Also understanding that everyone has distinctive learning styles, I realized that
adjustments in my approach and methods have to be made when instructing different people.
Enclosed is my resume for you to review. I know being a personal trainer is challenging, but it is
something I would really find rewarding. I want to thank you for this opportunity and I look
forward to speaking with you very soon.
John Vu
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