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Graphic Designer Cover Letter
Edward S. Smith
Human Resources Director
XYZ Company
7654 Apple Road
Santa Monica, CA 90105
Dear Mr. Smith:
While searching for positions on the Otis College of Art and Design online job board, I found
your job opening for a Graphic Designer. I am currently a junior majoring in Communication Arts
and am seeking a part-time design position.
I am very interested in this opportunity and, after reading the description, I know that this job
would be a great match for my skills. One of the things that I appreciate about your company is
the consistent attention to detail which can be seen in your product line. Not only are your
products essential for designers, but they are also well crafted and easy to use. It is also
comforting to see a company of your stature so highly involved in the betterment of the
community through your programs such as “Make a Difference Los Angeles 2009”.
Your job description requests someone who has experience with Photoshop, InDesign, and
Illustrator. I have used all of these programs while in pursuit of my degree as well as during my
internship with [A Boutique Design Firm]. In addition to those skills, I have extensive experience
on Macintosh computers and peripheral knowledge of web design.
I am confident that I can contribute my sharp eye for detail and a willingness to get each job
done correctly and on time. I believe that I have a lot to offer [A Great Company] and look
forward to the opportunity to work with you. My resume is attached to this email. Should you
need further information on my background or qualifications please contact me at Thank you in advance for your consideration.
Phone number:
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