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123 North 4th Street
Dallas, Texas 55443
September 5, 2010
Ms. Tonya Hill
Nurse Recruiter
Texas University Hospital
123 Main St.
Dallas, Texas 55443
Dear Ms. Hill:
As a newcomer to Dallas, I have heard a great deal about the high quality of nursing care at
Texas University Hospital. Having enhanced my medical/surgical background in a university
affiliated hospital for the past three years, I recently obtained my MSN degree in the Adult Acute
Care Nurse Practitioner Program at the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing.
Therefore, I would like to be considered for any available NP positions at Texas University
As indicated on my resume, I have had clinical rotations in a variety of settings. My most recent
rotation provided a particularly intensive involvement in the surgical step-down unit of the
Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, and a rotation at Pennsylvania Hospital last fall also
afforded me exposure to a similar unit, with the added opportunity to participate in various
procedures. For the past year, I have also volunteered at a home health agency, which has
been a rewarding and challenging experience, and has helped me to develop my skills in
working with patients recovering at home from surgical procedures.
Thank you for taking the time to review my resume. I would welcome the chance to meet with
you to discuss possible employment opportunities. I will be available for an interview at your
convenience and may be reached at (515) 555-1212, or via e-mail at I
look forward to hearing from you.
Robert Applicant
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