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123 North 5th Street
Norristown, PA 19007
March 23, 2010
Ms. Jane Doe, Executive Director
Helping Children and Families Inc.
111 Olney Drive
Philadelphia, PA 19114
Dear Ms. Doe:
I am writing to introduce myself to you at the suggestion of Dr. Howard Carter. Dr. Carter informed me of
the position you are developing to serve the foster care needs of children with learning disabilities. In
May, I will graduate from the University of Pennsylvania with a Master of Social Work degree and I am
seeking a position which will incorporate my desire to work with children with learning disabilities and my
interest in the foster care system. Although I know the position you are developing is in the preliminary
stage, I wanted to let you know that I am extremely interested in learning more about this position.
As indicated on my resume, my first year field placement was with a foster care agency. In this position I
developed case management and referral skills and an understanding of the foster care system. My
current field placement is in a private school for children with learning disabilities. My roles include
counselor, group leader, advocate, administrator and teacher. I have seen the difficulties these children
face (even with a supportive family) and I am extremely motivated to work with others whose situations
are compounded by a lack of parental/family support.
Knowing that your agency is developing a special program for these children, and given my background, I
certainly hope that we can meet to discuss potential employment opportunites. I will contact you the week
of April 5th to see if we can arrange a mutually convenient time for an informational interview. If you wish
to contact me in the meantime, I may be reached at (215) 898-4381. Thank you in advance for reviewing
my credentials; I look forward to speaking with you soon.
Beth Bartlett
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