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Tiffany Traveler
813 Johnson Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90089
March 3, 2014
Emily Annenberg
Marketing Coordinator
Focus Marketing, LLC
1391 Tweet St.
Los Angeles, CA 90089
Dear Ms. Annenberg, (or use full name if pronoun is uncertain)
It was great meeting you during the University of Southern California (USC) Internship Week
marketing panel on February 13. I am very interested in the Focus Marketing, LLC internship
position advertised through the USC connectSC portal. I am a junior at USC majoring in
Psychology and am very excited about this opportunity to combine my skills in social media and
marketing to customize services for Focus Marketing, LLC’s clients.
One desired strength mentioned for the Focus Marketing, LLC internship is motivation. As a
leader and Marketing Chair of OUTreach, a USC community service organization, I coordinate
and write articles for our weekly newsletter and maintain three social media pages, including
Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. I increased our social media audience by 50% within 12 months
by developing strategic partnerships across campus and customizing updates for each social media
account daily. Part of my success is attributed to my passion for marketing our organization to the
USC community. I am confident my high motivation level, strong social media and marketing
skills make me an excellent match for this internship position.
I understand that creativity is a very important asset to successful product launches. Recently, I
worked closely with four team members to propose a new product line of beverages during a
marketing class. I designed a 3D product rendering, a print brochure and a social media ad using
Photoshop. As part of the final project, our team presented the product line to a panel of marketing
professionals. The panel ranked the project first place among eight groups nationally. Remarks
from the panel included mention of my innovative designs. Using my creative skills to benefit the
Focus Marketing, LLC team would be a great experience in my future career as a Public Relations
I am highly motivated to contribute my creative, social media and marketing skills through the
internship. Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to discussing my
qualifications with you in the near future. I can reached at (213) 123-4567 or by email at
Best regards,
Tiffany Travele
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