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SAMPLE COVER LETTER – Oregon Department of Human Services
200 Holly Lane
Pittsburgh, PA 15213
April 13, 2006
Jean Q. Public
Department of Human Services
Recruitment and Retention Unit
500 Summer Street NE, E22
Salem OR 97301-1099
Dear Ms. Public:
I am applying for the position of Fiscal Analyst II. My experiences and interests are an excellent match for the
Department of Human Services.
I am interested in bringing my strong analytic and quantitative background to the Department of Human Services. My
academic training and problem solving skills would be an excellent match for the policy and fiscal issues your department
focuses on every day. My previous international work experience and a rigorous applied graduate curriculum have
provided me with ample opportunity to refine my oral & written communication, leadership, and teamwork skills. As a
result of my diverse background and experience I feel equally comfortable evaluating programs, assessing client needs,
and analyzing budgets.
Currently I am studying as a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer Fellow at Carnegie Mellon University in an intense 12
month accelerated masters program designed to sharpen my problem solving abilities. With courses focused on
econometrics, technology, finance, and program evaluation I can easily communicate with diverse groups of people. I
am able to systematically dissect problems, strategically think through various solutions, choose the best course of action,
and implement it under difficult situations.
I believe in setting lofty personal goals and working tenaciously until they are achieved. During my two years spent as a
Peace Corps Volunteer in the Philippines, I designed and implemented a microfinance and new business development
program. I constantly faced challenges regarding language, culture, environment, and limited resources, but through
creativity and a strong work ethic, I was able to succeed under difficult circumstances. First, I was able to
determine the appropriate program parameters to fit the needs of the community. Second, I was able to gain the confidence
of the community and lead them from the project’s inception to the complete transfer of management responsibilities to
the community.
It is a combination of learned skills, technology capabilities, and a commitment to public service which I can bring to
the Department of Human Services. I look forward to hearing from you in the near future.
John Smith
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