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Richard Paul
19 Barton Avenue
Bay View, USA 33333
November 4, 20--
Mr. Gary Wilson
Hiring Manager
Best Video Company
305 Carmen Drive
Any Town, USA 99999
Dear Mr. Wilson:
This week I am writing cover letters for new employment as a film and video editor. Your ad on for experienced professionals came to my attention through a friend. So I
decided to contact you about the possibility of being interviewed to fill one of the positions you
now have open for film and video editors.
I've had four years in this line of work while employed by Rogers Film and Video Service in Big
City. I've been acknowledged for my attention to detail and will bring that skill to your company,
should I be fortunate enough to be offered the job. Please see my enclosed resume for details
about my previous work.
If you’re willing to get together, you can reach me on my cell phone: 888-888-8888 to select a
time that works for both of us. Thank you very much for reading my cover letter and resume. I
hope to hear from you soon.
Richard Paul
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