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230 Parkman Street
Brookline, MA 02359
March 3, 2---
Bonnie Blair
Human Resources Management Office
Room H-700
Federal Trade Commission
600 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.
Washington, DC 20580
Dear Ms. Blair:
Please accept the accompanying resume and writing sample as my application for the attorney position with
the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) which was recently advertised in my law school’s employment
I am extremely interested in working for the FTC because of my interest in consumer and regulatory issues
and my desire to work in the public sector. I graduated from law school in May ---- and have spent the past
three years doing contract work at a number of large law firms. Much of my experience has been doing
trial preparation and discovery in complex antitrust and merger cases. In a number of these cases, I was
providing information to the U.S. Department of Justice. These experiences have strengthened my
research and writing skills, exposed me to a number of interesting and complicated legal issues, and
taught me about preparing multifaceted cases for trial.
During law school, I also had the opportunity to be exposed to consumer law issues and gain additional
practical legal experience. I took an antitrust class where studying the Microsoft case was an integral part
of the course. I also completed four le gal internships which included working with a judge, two law
firms, and the Massachusetts Attorney General’s office. The legal training I gained in law school gave me
one year of experience working on a broad range of issues in diverse settings.
I believe that the skills I have gained from my legal experiences, which include skills in dealing with
clients, problem solving, using professional judgment, working effectively in a team and being able to
work independently would qualify me for a position with the FTC. In addition, I bring maturity gained
from eight years of additional professional experience prior to law school, a commitment to the work of
the FTC, and tremendous enthusiasm.
I welcome an opportunity to meet with you and discuss my qualification and interest in the position.
Sara G. Morse
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