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Jennifer Tolles
75 Bolivar Terrace, Reading , MA 01867
jennifertee@aol.com ► 781-592-3409
April 30, 2005
Dear Dr. Cronin:
Your school district’s reputation for excellence in education—described so vividly in the recent
New England Journal of Elementary Education—has prompted me to forward my resume for
consideration for fall teaching positions. In addition to strong professional qualifications, you will
find that I also have the intangible personal qualities that fit your culture and enable me to truly
make a difference to the children I teach.
Please consider my qualification:
Recent bachelors degree and Massachusetts teaching certification, grades 1-8.
Year-long teaching experience as an LD Tutor for elementary and high school students—
experience adapting classroom material for individual students, delivering individual and
group lessons, working collaboratively with classroom teachers, and promoting a positive
learning environment for my students.
Diverse field-teaching experiences (grades 1, 4, 6); successful experiences planning and
delivering integrated lessons that sparked students’ interest, creativity, and desire to learn.
Keen respect for each individual child and appreciation for the differences among us.
A highly effective classroom-management style that creates an environment in which all
children can learn.
I will call you within a few days to see when it might be convenient to meet. Thank you for your
Jennifer Tolles
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