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Suzy Smith
12345 El Monte Rd.
Los Altos, CA 94022
(650) 949-7229
April 18, 2009
Dear Hiring Manager,
I would like an opportunity to interview for the Extraction Chemist position posted on
craigslist.org. I have enclosed a resume for your consideration.
Currently, I am an honor student at Foothill College and will be receiving three A.S. degrees in
June 2009. My degrees will be in Chemistry, Biology, and Mathematics. In addition to my
interpersonal qualifications, I would bring the following strengths to the position:
Over two years of experience in the inorganic and organic chemistry laboratory
Experienced with a wide variety of laboratory equipment and techniques; liquid-liquid
extraction, separatory funnel, gas chromatography, IR and NMR spectroscopy
Always following policy and procedure with a 100% safety record
Strong analytical and problem-solving abilities with a focus on accuracy and quality
Solid knowledge of spreadsheet and database software to record and maintain data
Strong communication skills and the ability to work independently
I am confident that these skills could be successfully applied in the position of Extraction Chemist.
Thank you for considering my candidacy. I look forward to meeting you. I can be reached at
(650) 949-7229 or by email at georgemartin@yahoo.com
Suzy Smith
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