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3201 Burton Street SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49546
May 30, 2013
Mr. Philip Carter, Manager of Human Resources
Carter Industries, Inc.
1882 Orange Street
Coulee, WI 50000
Dear Mr. Carter:
Please accept the attached resume for the Systems Analyst position that was advertised on the Carter
Industries website. My education and experience have prepared me to succeed in this position.
I recently graduated from Calvin College with a major in economics and a minor in computer science.
My course work in these majors strengthened my skills using a wide variety of software programs and
applications. Experience in my college’s computer center as a programmer and student consultant gave
me valuable exposure to complex computer operations. Additionally, I worked as an intern in computing
operations for a large bank where I gained knowledge of financial systems. These experiences, coupled
with my strong analytical and quantitative skills, make me an excellent candidate for your position.
I will contact you within seven days to further discuss this position and the possibility of an interview. If
you have any questions, please contact me at (616) 526-4444 or Thank you in
advance for your consideration of my qualifications.
[handwritten signature if submitting a hard copy]
Jim Elgar
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