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SAMPLE COVER LETTER – Arts / Federal Government (NEA)
600 Penny Lane
Pittsburgh, PA 15213
April 3, 2006
Phyllis Diller-Waddles, Human Resource Specialist
Office of Human Resources
National Endowment for the Arts
1100 Pennslyvania, NW, Room 627
Washington, DC 20506
Dear Ms. Diller-Waddles:
I am submitting my federal resume for the position of Executive Assistant advertised in announcement #2611. I
learned about this opening from Monica Jingleheimer -Schmidt, NEA Fellow and an alumna of my graduate
school, Carnegie Mellon University. I trust that you will find me an ideal candidate for this position due to my
personal background and professional experiences.
While working towards a master degree in public policy with an emphasis on arts management from Carnegie Mellon
University, my education has been complimented by a two-year apprenticeship at Pittsburgh Opera. This arrangement
has given me the opportunity to apply what I have learned in academia - policy, management, and technology -
directly to my work at the Opera, allowing me to synthesize theoretical knowledge with practical experience.
In addition to my strong administrative skills, I am especially proud of my role in the planning and execution of the
Maecenas XXI Gala. This event raised $370,000 for Pittsburgh Opera’s productions and outreach programs, and was
rated by Pittsburgh Post Gazette as one of the top five events in 2005. I would also like to call to your attention my
masters thesis, which identifies new strategies for increasing cultural participation through audience development and
diversification. My thesis team’s client was The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust, a presenting organization dedicated to the
economic revitalization of Pittsburgh. Both these accomplishments have provided a wealth of experience that will
enable me to effectively and efficiently provide the necessary assistance to the Senior Deputy Chairman, specifically in
the areas of administrative support, written and oral communication, research and analysis, event planning, project
management, and technological proficiency.
Throughout my employment at the Opera and other organizations, I have consistently demonstrated an industrious
work ethic while working individually or as a member of a team, strong written and oral communication skills, the
ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously, and solid leadership potential, all while maintaining a positive
attitude and sense of humor. If selected, I intend to incorporate these personal characteristics into duties and
responsibilities associated with the position of Executive Assistant.
I am eager to build upon my past experiences at the National Endowment for the Arts in a capacity that would allow
me to put into action my management and administrative skills as well as my enthusiasm for the arts. Thank you for
your time and consideration. I look forward to discussing my qualifications with you in greater depth.
Paul Harrison
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