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Carri Heart
411 S. Badger Street, Madison, WI 53702
608-555-7862 • heartcarri@wisc.edu
September 23, 2013
Amy Capes
Senior Recruiter
Target Stores
1090 73rd Avenue North East
Fridley, MN 55432
Dear Ms. Capes:
I am writing to express my interest in the Executive Intern position with Target Stores for Spring 2014. I learned of this
position through my career advisor and am very enthusiastic about expanding my knowledge of the retail environment at a
company as well-known and respectable as Target. I have always had a strong interest in a career in retail, and I believe
my educational background, prior experience, and passion for the industry make me an exceptional candidate for the
Executive Intern position.
I am currently a senior pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Retail from the School of Human Ecology at the University of
Wisconsin-Madison. Through my coursework, I have learned a lot about general business, but also about theory and
practice as it relates to the retail environment. I have developed a greater understanding of the industry through my
involvement with the Student Retail Association, in which I have had the opportunity to network with peers and
professionals in the field. I am currently the Vice President of the student organization and have had many opportunities
to provide innovative ideas and collaborate with the leadership team to provide meaningful experiences for others within
the organization. I am also an active member of Badger Acts of Kindness, a student organization dedicated to performing
acts of kindness on campus and in the community. I have demonstrated my ability to prioritize and multitask by
maintaining an active role within these organizations, working 25 hours per week, and maintaining a 3.89 GPA within my
major courses and an overall GPA of 3.61.
While I have been working in the service industry for six years, my interest in retail truly peaked when I took my current
position with Anthropologie. I have been employed as a Sales Associate there for nearly three years and have learned a
great deal about retail environments through this role including sales, human resources, inventory management, and guest
services. My communication skills have dramatically improved due to the need for me to provide exceptional customer
service to all guests of the store, and I have excelled at working on a team through my role in helping train and oversee
other Sales Associates. The skills and knowledge I have gained have solidified my passion for retail, so I look forward to
the possibility of furthering my career with Target. Please view my enclosed resume for additional details on my
professional experiences.
I am genuinely excited about the Executive Intern position with Target and hope to discuss my qualification with you.
Please contact me at 608-555-7862 or heartcarri@wisc.edu if you need additional information or if you wish to set up an
interview. I appreciate you taking the time to review my materials and look forward to your response.
Carri Heart
Carri Heart
Enclosure: Resume
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