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Ella Environmental
25 Mountain Ave
Nature Valley VIC
3044 0404 500 100
18 August 2015
Ms Josie MacKenzie
Graduate Recruitment Co-ordinator
Monarc Environmental
22 Treehill Grove
Sunshine VIC 3058
Dear Ms MacKenzie,
It is with great interest that I apply for your Environmental Science Intern Program, as advertised on the
Monash University Career Gateway website on 12 August 2015. The idea of working for Monarc
Environmental has great appeal as your commitment to educating industry on waste control is something
I particularly admire and value.
I am a third year student completing a Bachelor of Environmental Science Degree at Monash University
with majors in geoscience and chemistry. I am keen to apply my knowledge and key skills gained through
both university study and industry related work experience.
My studies have assisted me in gaining relevant technical skills in testing and monitoring water quality and
provided an understanding of contaminants such as soil, groundwater, sediment or surface water for the
general protection of human health. Course field trips and volunteering activities for a conservation
research project have also added to my abilities to collect and record data for analysis and increase my
knowledge of the current issues, policies and legislation of Natural Resource Management and freshwater
systems. My success in units requiring scientific report writing skills have highlighted the importance I place
on being methodical, accurate and complying with regulatory standards.
Through my part time employment in the retail and hospitality sector, I have a strong customer focus with the
ability to communicate and deal with people from a diverse range of backgrounds. In my current work at
Earth Bar I have had to handle many challenging customer enquiries and have learnt to resolve them in a
professional and timely manner. Through my voluntary work with Conservation Volunteers, I have
participated in community education programs to raise awareness of water resource management and this
has helped me to further develop my presentation skills.
Thank you for your time and consideration in reviewing my application. My resume and academic transcript
are attached as requested. I would welcome the opportunity to discuss my key skill areas and interest in
your organisation further at an interview and can be contacted on 0404 500 100.
Yours sincerely,
Ella Environmental
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