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XXX High Road
Philadelphia, PA 191XX
Oct 30, 2008
Ms. J. Doe, SCEP Coordinator
Washington, DC 20460
Re: Environmental Protection Specialist Trainee (SCEP)
Dear Ms. Doe:
I am applying to the Environmental Protection Specialist Trainee position under the Student Career
Experience Program in the office of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance.
As a University of Pennsylvania student in the Master of Environmental Studies program, I had the
opportunity to do an independent study project at the EPA Region III in the Office of Water, from July
2007-May 2008. While completing this study one of my projects developed into my Masters thesis. I am
currently finishing my thesis work on the Rapanos case at the Region III Office. While working on my
thesis I discovered and learned more about environmental matters such as the Anacostia Watershed
Mitigation program, Green Highways Program and Upper Tennessee Watershed grants program. While
working on my course work I also initiated and established a Watershed Newsletter for the Water
Protection Division called
and participated in various projects such as the watershed registry.
Furthermore, as the Vice President for student leadership at the Philadelphia Global Water Initiative
(PGWI) I have acquired skills in all phases of project management, leadership, organizational and
communication skills. I am currently developing a Water Ambassador Program (WAP) for high school,
college and graduate students. The WAP program will train and educate students on water related issues
locally and globally. In addition, help them to get involved in global water projects. The students will be
trained on power point presentation skills and knowledge on global and local water issues. Furthermore,
at PGWI, I have written grants that will allow Lincoln high schools students in Philadelphia to connect to
students at Tablo High school in the Philippines who will together build a water system that will provide
clean water and saniation to 276 students and their community. In the process they will be learning about
water relates issues and develop presentation skills.
I am confident in my ability to succeed as an Environmental Protection Specialist. Due to my experience
in my thesis on environmental law, policy and regulation and also given my EPA experience, academic
training, and commitment to high levels of achievement, I am confident that I will contribute significantly
towards the growth of the office of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance.
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