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Dear Ms. Bartow:
I would like to apply for an entry-level electrical engineering position within your System
Operations Department. My interest in Major Public Utility stems from your online advertisement
with HotJobs.com.
As the attached resume indicates, I will receive a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical
Engineering in December. In addition to coursework in my major, I successfully completed
several courses within the School of Business Administration. As a co-op student, I have had
extensive work experience in the utility industry and have gained exposure to power system
network analysis. This has served to confirm my interest in systems operations, as well as to
provide me with hands-on experience in the field.
My experience in system operations, combined with my coursework, would enable me to make a
strong contribution to Major Public Utility. I will be in New York during the week preceding
Thanksgiving and would appreciate an opportunity to meet with you personally to discuss my
qualifications. If I have not heard from you before I leave, I will call you upon my arrival.
(215) 555-1212
Attachment: Resume
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