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Dear Mr. Loew:
Dr. Terry Nunley, my accounting professor, advised me to contact you directly
concerning a position that may be opening in the Accounting Department at Price
Waterhouse. I expect to receive a Bachelor of Science degree in Business
Administration, with a major in Accounting from the University of North Carolina at
Charlotte in June, 1994.
As my enclosed resume indicates, I have had experience in customer relations, which
is a must for the accounting field today. My work included determining customers
needs, getting them efficient responses and interacting regularly via computer with the
home office.
My personal plans call for a trip to the Anytown area for about five days in late April.
If I have not heard from you, I will call your office before I arrive to arrange a
convenient time for an interview. Please feel free to reach me at 704-555-2323 if it
would be more convenient to make an earlier appointment. I look forward to hearing
from you.
Sincerely yours,
Patricia I. Medley
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