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Christine L Bernardo
March 22, 2008
Dr. Stephanie Stasos, Assistant Superintendent
Human Resources Department
New Vista Public Schools
New Vista, NM 88888
Dear Dr. Stasos:
Recently, my neighbor, who teaches at New Vista High School, informed me that there may be
several elementary and middle school teaching positions available for the coming school year.
Since my last correspondence with you, I have received my middle school endorsement, in
addition to my certification to teach in elementary grades. I am now certified to teach social
studies at the middle school level through grade eight.
May I add that I feel quite honored to have been chosen from among more than 200 applicants to
participate—along with mainly seasoned teachers—in a fully paid summer institute sponsored by
the National Geographic Society. I am confident that this unique experience will add much interest
to my own classes in project development and general class discussions.
As a substitute teacher in the New Vista schools this past year, I found administrators, supervisors,
and faculty exceptionally helpful and pleasant. Such welcoming support from them is particularly
assuring to entry-level teachers like me. I felt like one of the family!
Thank you, Dr. Stasos, for taking time from your busy schedule to see me last spring, and I look
forward to another meeting with you soon to discuss in more depth my goals and long-range
ambitions in the teaching profession. I would appreciate your scheduling me for a formal
interview as I apply for a teaching position in the New Vista Public School District.
Christine L. Bernardo
Enclosures: resume; employment application packet
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