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November 02, 2012
Cover Letter
To whom it may Concern:
I am writing to apply for the position of
I am available for Immediate Employment and have enclosed my resume for your review.
A dedicated, hard working, self starter individual, with experience to test and repair electronic
circuits to component level. A
Telecommunication Technician
at MCI-Verizon and a
Calibration Technician
in the U.S. Air Force.
Over 12 years test and repair experience on the following vendors: Nortel, Alcatel, Ciena,
Siemens, CAC and Telco. Familiar with SONET, T1, T3, DS1, DS3, TDM, OC3, OC48, OC192
and WB28 signal formats.
Ability to troubleshoot with: VOA Meter, O'Scope, Spectrum Analyzer, Signal Generator,
Frequency Counter, Power Meter, and BERS Tester. (Tautron, T-Berds, Firebirds and Anritsu)
If you are interested, please call me at phone:
214 299-1698
so we can arrange an
appointment that works for you. Meanwhile, thank you ahead of time for taking time to read
my cover letter and go over my resume.
Frankie D. Aguilar
Electronic Technician
972 271-0284 (Home)
Enc: Resume
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