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Subject: Systems Engineer with Digital Analog Design
Reference# <job ID #>
Dear Hiring Manager,
I'm Tom Gustin, an accomplished contract electronic hardware design engineer with over 31 years
of prolific experience providing concept-to-completion services in all aspects of technical
research, project and program planning, analog and digital hardware/circuit and systems design
including VHDL-FPGA's/CPLD's, technical writing, and training programs with presentations;
specializing in rapid-prototyping, proof-of-concepts test platforms, and Data Acquisition Systems
and Modules.
A few reasons why I'm an excellent fit for the "Systems Engineer with Digital Analog Design"
position are:
1) over 31 years of Analog, Digital, Microprocessor, & Sequential State Machine design
2) over 29 years of developing products & families, specifications, requirements, and their
critical-path plans.
3) over 19 years of CAE schematic capture, ASIC, VHDL, & Simulation experience.
4) over 11 years experience of providing all of these (and many more) services independently.
My home-office design facility includes a fully equipped laboratory for assembling and testing
prototypes, DxDesign (ViewLogic) Schematic Capture tools, Xilinx & Altera VHDL-FPGA-
CPLD design and simulation tools, various Spice modeling tools, PC board layout tools,
TIMELINE planning tools, and many documentation tools, enabling a "green" engineering
practice as a telecommuting technologist, saving my clients time and money. No contract is too
small or too large. My career goal is to be an excellent "one-stop-shop," providing the engineering
service pieces that you need most, all or some, as a temporary member of your design team. The
web site: www.gustech.biz has been built to present details and examples of some of my prior
work, enabling you to quickly realize the kind of deliverables that I can develop for you, as a solo-
artist or as part of your in-house engineering team.
Please contact me (phone or email) at your earliest convenience so that we may discuss your
needs, desires, questions, and how we can jointly start to move ahead to completing your current
engineering service requirements.
Have a great day!
Thomas W. Gustin,
Senior Design Engineer
3760 Engle Mill Road
Xenia, OH 45385-9719
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