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April 3, 2010
Ryan Sprinkle, CVPM
Hospital Manager, Animal Care Center
Brookview, MA 01621
Dear Mr. Sprinkle,
In May of 2010 I will earn my VMD from the University of Pennsylvania. It is my interest to move to the Boston
area, and gain employment with the Animal Care Center upon graduation. Because I received my B.S. from the
University of Vermont, I am familiar with New England.
My interest in your hospital was sparked during a discussion with Drs. Jim Wilson and Ted Sprinkle in a U of P
veterinary business management class in March, 2010. I understand that taking veterinary medicine to the highest
level involves excellent practice management and superb people skills. I visited your hospital shortly after that
class, toured the facility, and met the staff. After conversations with Drs. Wilson and Rodney Poling, it appears
this is the hospital for me. I am impressed with the practice’s dedication to medicine by having and routinely
using an ultrasound machine, a laser surgery unit, and an endoscope. I was also impressed with Healthy Pet’s
dedication to manage a business by employing a full-time practice manager.
One of my attributes is that I will make you laugh. I have the ability to work long days, and still maintain a sense
of humor four hours after you were scheduled to go home. Additionally, I like to use my hands. As a 4
year at
Penn, students are required to take one surgery rotation. To get as much surgical experience as possible, I took
four. There is no question that I am still a rookie, however, my goal is to become an experienced surgeon quickly.
That means placing myself in a situation where the right people can help me accomplish this.
Nonetheless, I also enjoy the complexity of medicine cases, including piecing together the medical puzzles that
animals present. It appeared to me that this happens on a regular basis in your practice.
I enjoy people, appreciate the intensity of emergency shifts, and value what they can bring to my professional
growth. I am a happy person, and for that reason, smile a lot. One of the reasons for that is that I enjoy a life
outside of work by playing on two ice hockey teams, for one of which I am the assistant captain. The games
usually start later than most people would like to be awake, however, the adrenaline release and participation in a
team sport each week is more valuable to me than the sleep lost.
I am also an avid outdoor enthusiast. Among my outdoor adventures was skiing moguls as an amateur during
high school and college. I still enter competitions occasionally, and have managed to put in 10 days/year on the
slopes, despite living in Philadelphia. I also enjoy snow shoeing, mountain biking, hiking, and flag football.
Please accept my thanks for the opportunity to spend some time at the hospital. If you are interested in me as an
associate, I think it would benefit us for me to spend a full-day at the practice sometime soon. Enclosed is my
resumé. My letters of reference (4) should have already arrived, or will arrive shortly.
Kevin Patrick Smith
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