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Mrs. Camie E. Baker
Executive Director
Jeff-Lewis Mediation Center, Inc.
500 Woolworth Building
Watertown, NY 13601
Dear Mrs. Baker:
I am writing you at the suggestion of Sarah Ford who feels that it might be to our advantage to
discuss the position of assistant to the director which will soon be available. This position seems
to fit very well with my education, experience, and career interests.
My recent internship at your agency has provided me with a fascinating look at the Jeff-Lewis
Mediation Center, and the many ways it serves the community. The professionalism of the
agency’s staff and its success at meeting the community’s needs are two qualities your agency
possesses that interest me.
The opportunity of working at your agency has given me experience in performing the many
duties for which the assistant to the director is responsible. I have taken an active role in learning
about the agency and I have ambitiously gotten involved in various projects. My involvement in
the CASA program is just one example of my determined desire to be involved in the agency.
My background as a supervisor in the restaurant industry, has given me experience in negotiating
with a variety of people, and has provided me with extensive experience and problem-solving.
Twelve years of supervisory experience with the same company has enabled me to empower
employees to deal with a variety of issues both at work and on a personal level.
My proficiency as a successful communicator has also been demonstrated in other settings. While
attending college I was asked to tutor students for an interpersonal communications course due to
my understanding of the course material. I responded to this challenge by helping a student from
Germany improve two letter grades in the course.
I would very much welcome being able to talk to you personally about the position of assistant to
the director. I feel that a personal meeting would prove mutually beneficial. I shall call you next
week to see if a meeting can be arranged. Should you need to reach me, please feel free to call me
at 111-1111.
Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to talking with you.
Sincerely yours,
(sign your name here)
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