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Dear Dr. Last Name:
I was pleased to see your advertisement for a Dental Hygienist in The Gleaner on February 24 because it
appears to be a very close match with my skills and experience. For your convenience, I have included a
point-by-point comparison of your stated requirements with my qualifications.
Your Requirements My Qualifications
Love working with children Currently work for a pediatric dentist and relate
well to all ages of children.
Strong interpersonal and Ability to communicate and build relationship
communication skills quickly with patients and parents to deliver high
quality oral care. Enjoy educating children on
proper care of their mouth.
Computer literate Highly proficient with using digital x-ray
equipment, electronic charting, and MS Office.
IN dental hygiene license in good Recently received the IN Dental Hygiene
standing licensure and it is in good standing.
There are other areas of accomplishment in my background that should be of interest to you. I look forward to
a personal meeting at which I might discuss them with you. If I do not hear from you within the next week, I will
call you to follow up.
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