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Dear Mr. Kennedy
I am writing to convey my sincere interest for a DELIVERY DRIVER position with your
company. As you can see from my enclosed resumé, I have experience in a variety of fields which,
I believe, has developed me into a more flexible, resourceful, honest, tactful and dependable
worker. This variety of experiences has given me a great base of knowledge from which to draw
upon.Born and raised in the city of Portland, I have extensive knowledge of the Portland-Metro
and surrounding areas. I have a perfect driving record in addition to nearly two years of delivery
experience. During this time,not one day was missed due to snow and ice conditions. I also
handled money and accounts where there was never an error or shortage in the daily records.
Although, I was not a sales person, I effectively handled other customer concerns such as
answering difficult questions and handling conflicts regarding prices, schedules and product
One reason I have developed a continued interest and preference for being a delivery driver is
because of the independence and challenge that is brought from this type of work. I enjoy being
outdoors, traveling through the city and making contact with the public. I am also able to
effectively deal with stress without allowing “numerous deliveries” with specific time schedules to
rattle me.
I appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedule to read my letter and
resumé. I would enjoy meeting with you in person to discuss my genuine interest in this position. I
will be calling you within the next few days to see if an interview, at your convenience, would be
possible. I also may be reached by phoning (503) 456-7890. Thank-you.
(personal signature here)
Linda Robinson
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